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The Queen Victoria Cake Square was founded in 2014 and was initially sold online. Founder Edwin made French desserts and creative birthday cakes. His wife, Chloe, was responsible for the delivery. The two men step by step and sent the cakes to the big and small cafes. So they started to build some fame and reputation. With the store officially opened in Johor Bahru in 2015, we have been cherished with creativity and insisted on using healthy ingredients, and we have accumulated tens of thousands of fans in the market and become one of the famous “net red” cake shops in Johor Bahru. Victoria Queen Cake Square adheres to the concept of “fresh and ready to do”. After the customer places an order online, the store will make it in time and deliver it efficiently, bringing healthy, safe and fresh five-star cake food to consumers. At present, we also integrate creative cakes, French desserts and online sales, and provide customized services to meet the needs of every consumer.
Why is it called Queen Victoria Cake Shop?

Victoria symbolizes victory, and for the founder Edwin, it also symbolizes the great contribution of his (Queen)wife, Chloe. Chloe plays a very important role in the entrepreneurial process. She was originally a beautician. She took her 4-year-old son out of the house every day at 6am and delivered the French dessert to large and small cafes for sale. After running around, continue to rush to the beauty salon to go to work. ‘If there is no enthusiasm and hard work of the Queen, there is no way for the delicious desserts to be tasted.” Every lady is a queen, from giving birth to a child to a family and work, and giving everything great, this is the meaning of the birth of Queen Victoria Cake Square.

Edwin, the founder of Queen Victoria Cake Square, is a French cake master. He has been immersed in a six-star hotel for a long time. He insists on using healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables to make every cake. With his initial heart and persistence, he also stood out in major competitions and won numerous awards.


Cakes are not just good looking, they are also delicious! For Edwin, if the cake only has beautiful shape, then it doesn't has its value, it can only use for 'display'. Victoria Queen's Cake Square has always been 'good-looking and delicious' and trying to satisfy the taste buds of the public. We believe cakes and desserts are not only desserts after dinner or party, but also represent the attitude and enthusiasm of the chef. 'For the cake master, cake can be an art which will brings lot of joy for everyone'.



Queen Victoria's Cake Shop focuses on improving service and delivery, and plans to open more stores within the next one to two years. The store hopes that consumers can enjoy exquisite cakes and desserts no matter where they are, enjoy the noble enjoyment of (Queen), and let everyone feel full of sincerity through our efforts.


2010 - FHA国家队新加坡厨艺团队大赛 金奖
2010 - MLA黑箱挑战大赛 金奖
2011 - WCM巧克力大师新加坡选拔赛 银奖
2011 - APC国家队选拔赛 优胜
2012 - FHA新加坡厨艺团队大赛 铜奖
2013 - DHC杜拜世界厨艺大赛 金奖及总冠军
2015 - Fonterra pastry大赛 银奖

维多利亚女王蛋糕坊创办于2014年,创立初期是通过网络销售。创办人 Edwin制作法式甜点及创意生日蛋糕,妻子 Chloe 负责送货,两人一步一脚印,把蛋糕送到大大小小的咖啡馆,就这样开始建立起一些名气和口碑。随着实体店于2015年正式在新山开营,我们怀着初心凭着创意,并坚持使用健康食材,而在市场上累计了上万名粉丝,成为新山知名“网红”蛋糕店之一。维多利亚女王蛋糕坊秉持“新鲜现做”的理念,顾客在线上下单后,店家将及时制作完成,高效配送,为消费者带来健康,安全,新鲜的五星蛋糕食品。目前,我们也集创意蛋糕,法式甜点布置及网络销售为一体,并提供客制化服务,满足每一名消费者的需求。









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